About the project

VRento is a new way of thinking, having accepted that, you will never spend your earnings like you did before. Yes, first of all, the VRento line is about financial literacy, and only then everything else!

Also, starting to think in a new way, you can afford a lot, including what you have only dreamed of before. And we would like you to start your first business with our participation or to bring the existing to a new level of profitability.
You will be surprised, but in many cases, renting an apartment and, especially, a country house is more profitable than buying; with a thoughtful approach, the budget can travel and the most expensive places in the world (and therefore do it more often!); interesting places and low-cost housing with high quality service exist in the CIS countries; you will also learn that now you can rent a lot, for example, a luggage box on the roof of a car in order to go to the sea with it once a year; inventory in order to try a new sport and much more, that it is not necessary to immediately go and buy, giving the full value of the goods!
How many seasonal items we use a couple of times a year? How much does the children of what they grow out of in just a few months are bought? And think about how many expensive hobbies we dream, but are forced to choose or refuse. Almost all of this can be rented or rented for a disparate purchase price of money!
Why are we still thinking differently now?
First, we were brought up like this. Many people remember garages and storerooms with items sent to us for eternal storage that we used a couple of times.
Secondly, it was not possible to live differently, the rental and rental market began to develop relatively recently. For example, in the USA and Western Europe, the situation is quite different; there many generations live using such a tool. The market is huge, no one hesitates to rent or hire, even people with very high income levels. It is simply profitable!
Seasonal products, rarely used, tested before purchase - all this has long been rented there.
Thanks to automatic translation, an ad on VRento finds a consumer, bypassing language barriers. We are constantly working to improve the efficiency and convenience of the site, improving the algorithm of interaction between participants in transactions. A multilingual platform with a wide range of geographic orientation will be a great helper at home, at work, on travel and in business. No need to go anywhere, go, call: on the screen is concentrated a sea of ​​proposals that will make your life better and more interesting. Not once in years, but today, right now!
Regards, VRento Team