User agreement (Public offer)

If you don’t fully accept the terms of our User Agreement you don’t have the right to use the Software of the information service

Using is only possible when the terms of User Agreement are accepted. Initial usage of any options, services and functions of means full, implicit and unconditional acceptance of the current User Agreement terms by User, including all special terms and rules mentioned there, and it has the same value as an Agreement manually signed by User.
The Parties fully accept the legal force of the Agreement. Therewith, the start of usage of any options, services and functions of by User automatically confirms that the User is a capable, competent person having all the rights and powers to accept and fulfill the terms of the Agreement.
By going through registration process on the website, User automatically agrees to personal data processing. administration is obliged not to provide it to third parties, except for providing and (or) posting personal data for common access by all users of the website.
Full acceptance of the terms of the current User Agreement offer shall be the fact that User has come through registration process on the Website by means of filing a registration form and accepting the terms of the Agreement, after clicking on Register button, located on the website with the form
This Agreement, coming into force after acceptance of terms of the current offer, won’t require two-way signing and is effective in digital form.
The Rules may be changed and (or) updated by website administration, unilaterally, without prior notification. These Rules shall be recognized as an open and public document. The current edition of the Rules is available on the internet at:
The website administration recommends Users to regularly check the terms of the current Rules in case there are any changes and (or) updates. The further usage of the website by User after any changes and (or) updates to the current Rules are made shall be recognized as acceptance and agreement with these changes and (or) updates by User.
The two Parties of the current Public offer (hereafter — User Agreement) are: Internet-resource, hereafter referred to as Administration and an individual, which is considered a full-fledged participant of civil matters based on the Public offer, hereafter referred to as User.
2.1 WEBSITE — the total number of software and hardware units for PC used to provide information and data for public posting, united by the same purpose, by means of technical units to connect PC’s via Internet. Website is available for Users at unique resource locator or its alphabetical reference. Website in the Agreement denotes Executor’s website designed as an advertisement board, located on the Internet at
2.2 SYSTEM — website workflow system supported with software, netware and other resources.
2.3 WEBSITE REGULATIONS (Regulations) — current User Agreement, other documents and statements used to regulate the workflow of the Website.
2.4 PROPOSAL — any type of proposals and services placed by Users on the Website, at their own discretion, for sale (on chargeable/free-of-charge basis) in their own interest or in the interest of third parties.
2.5 ADVERTISEMENT — chargeable or free-of-charge proposal for usage and (or) drawing of attention to Proposal, placed by User on the Website in their own interest or in the interest of third parties.
2.6 LESSOR — User, who places an Advertisement on the Website.
2.7 SERVICES (Website Services) — options for interacting between Website Users in the framework of the current User Agreement, provided by Administration and allowing User to place, search and view Advertisement, as well as any other options and functions, available on the Website.
2.8 USER — Internet-user, who is either:
fully capable individual, 18 year old or older, or
under-aged individuals, 16 to 18 year old, with written approval provided by legal representative to use the services of the Website, or individual, considered incapacitated by law, with written approval provided by curator to use the services of the Website, or
self-employed entrepreneur or legal body, registered and acting in compliance with the local of the registring country. 
2.9 RERGISTRATION — account activation procedure done by User on the Website for further authorization by the System and ability to use Website Services with a unique Login and a Password.
2.10 ACCOUNT — account data recorded by the System during the registration procedure; the data is provided by a registering person to the Website System for further authorization as a User.
2.11 CREDENTIALS — all of the user’s data, provided to the Website System by User during the registration process for further authorization.
2.12 LOGIN — character string in the designated format, available for public view and identification of User by the System and other Users of the Website.
2.13 PASSWORD — character string in the designated format, not available for public view, attached to a specific Login, allowing User to go through authorization on the Website under the given Login and use Services.
2.14 WEBSITE AUTHORIZATION — User identification on the Website by technical means of the Website System with the help of Login and Password.
2.15 PERSONAL ACCOUNT PAGE — personal page of User, formed on the Website after the Registration; it’s accessible for User after Authorization with Login and Password.
3.1 Administration provides User with the Website Services, explained in this User Agreement, to post data about Proposals and (or) Services in corresponding sections of the Website, for sale by other Users on terms based on the current Regulations (hereinafter – Conditions). To use the Website Services, one must register on the Website and go through authorization with Login and Password.
3.2 All deals between Users are made without Administration interference. The only exception is acquiring Website Services by User directly from Administration on chargeable basis. Such relations are governed by the Law Concerning the Protection of Consumers’ Rights, and other regulatory legal acts, as well as User Agreement.
4.1 Data provided by User contains information that User voluntary posts on the Website and (or) on his own discretion transfers it to other Website Users while he uses Website Services; it’s considered a subject of the Website Regulations.
Data provided by User should NOT: 
4.1.1 contain false information and misinform Administration and Users;
4.1.2 promote fraudulent actions of third parties;
4.1.3 infringe commercial confidentiality of third parties, or other rights;
4.1.4 contain information offending honor, dignity or business reputation of third parties or Administration;
4.1.5 contain threats to somebody;
4.1.6 fuel hostility between countries;
4.1.7 call for committing crimes or promote it;
4.1.8 promote terrorist and extremist acts in any form;
4.1.9 be obscene, or contain pornographic features;
4.1.10 contain computer programs or other means designed to inflict harmful in any form to Administration or Website Users;
4.1.11 contain advertising materials;
5.1 All data containing personal information received by Users inside the Website or provided by other Users, can’t be used without written approval or without confirmation in any different way provided by information owners for advertising or other kinds of email or text message campaigns, etc., as well as any other actions performed without approval of the data owner.
5.2 User, by posting Data on the Website, provides all non-property rights on information to Administration everywhere, permanently, and in full.
5.3 Additionally, User, by posting Data on the Website, declines all material and moral rights that he had in regards of the provided Data.
5.4 By posting Visual Data without a copyright mark on the Website, User agrees that the image or part of it may be used to serve the interests of Administration without compensation.
5.5 Administration reserves the right to use Data provided by User, remove or edit it at their own discretion.
6.1 User has the right to post advertisement from his own Account after the Registration and Authorization by the Website System. During the registration, one should provide active email address that can be accessed only by user; he has the right to create Login and Password and accept the terms of this User Agreement by getting acquainted with its statements and agreeing to perform them. After the registration request is created by the Website System, one must confirm Registration by clicking on the link sent to the specified email, in order to finish Registration. When the registration is confirmed, User gets the rights and opportunities specified in this User Agreement in full.
6.2 User has the right to use Website Services only when accessed to his Account created during the registration procedure, and own email, Login and Password.
6.3 User is responsible for safety of his Account on the Website and doesn’t have the right to transfer, sell or grant his credentials (email, Login, Password) to third parties for their Authorization on the Website.
6.4 User must immediately change his Credentials used for Authorization on the Website if he knows or suspects that his Credentials became available for third parties and may be used by them to access the Website.
6.5 User is fully responsible for all actions in connection to his email, Login and Password.
6.6 Additionally, by accepting the terms of this User Agreement, User is obliged not to take actions leading to increase of workloads on infrastructure of the Website and not to cause technical issues in the work of the Website. 
6.7 Copying, reproduction, and distribution of any information contained on the Website (except for data provided by User) is prohibited for external resources without prior written confirmation of Administration or a party having the rights to this information.
6.8 Administration has the right to use technical means for checking authenticity of the information provided by User during the Registration procedure, if there is a suspicion that Credentials are being used by third parties, and administration has the right to take appropriate measures in respect to corresponding User’s Account. As technical means don’t let identify User, Administration acts in accordance with Credentials provided by User, and is not obliged for User’s actions on the Website, if they are not publicly violate this User Agreement.
6.9 Website Services are provided only to people, who have reached the age of 18, who are capable and have no track of the Website sanctions applied to their Account.
6.10 Underage, incapable or temporarily incompetent people may use the Website Services only with consent of or by trustees if written approval of their power is provided. 
7.1 By posting a Proposal and (or) Service on the Website, User confirms his right to own this Proposal and (or) service, and the right to sell it by any legal means. User, when posting information about the Proposal and (or) Service on the Website (hereinafter – Lessor), is obliged to provide adequate information about the Proposal and (or) Service, and usage terms in compliance with the Website instructions. The description should contain only the information in regards of this Proposal and (or) Service, and usage terms (hereinafter –Description).
7.2 Description of Proposal and (or) Service must include complete information about the usage and other conditions connected with this Proposal and (or) Service.
7.3 It’s prohibited to place links to different proposals and (or) services, websites with similar proposals and (or) services, as well as dubious discount campaigns and special offers, etc. in the Proposal Description section.
7.4 If unreliable information, errors or other violations are found in the text of Proposal and (or) Service Description, Lessor must, at his own discretion, get rid of all discrepancies by means of editing the Proposal Description.
7.5 Lessor, by means of Website Services, has the right to provide any Proposals and (or) Services that he owns, if their provision doesn’t require special permissions and falls within the scope of the Website Regulations.
7.6 Providing Proposals and (or) Services violating current legislature is prohibited on the website.
7.7 Lessor at his own discretion must make sure that proving his Proposals and (or) Services doesn’t infringe statements of the current legislature and approved by the Website Regulations. You can get acquainted with the list of prohibited proposals and (or) services if you click on the following link: “List of proposal and services prohibited for posting”, and “Main reasons for advertisement blocking”.
7.8 For posting Advertisements, Lessor is obliged not to use automatic bots and other means, which violate the Website Regulations. If such violations are detected Administration has the right to block or remove the Lessor’s Account without ability to restore it in the future. 
7.9 Seller has the right to remove the post at any time, post it again or make changed to the Proposal Description.
7.10 Administration has the right to move, end or prolong the period of demonstration of the Proposal and (or) Service demonstration for Seller, if it’s caused by technical reasons or violations of the Advertisement posting Regulations by Lessor. Additionally, Administration has the right to remove the Advertisement at any time without specification of the reason for removal.
7.11 Administration reserves the right to limit Lessor’s actions, if the number of active advertisements on the Website exceeds a set amount and is recognized as spam.
8.1 Advertisement must be posted in the section with the corresponding theme.
8.2 Posting two or more proposals with advertisement of the same proposal and (or) service in the same location is prohibited.
8.3 Using obscene language in advertisements is prohibited.
8.4 Advertisement should contain detailed information about a proposal/service. It’s prohibited to provide incorrect or unreliable data.
8.5 Heading, description and images in the advertisement must be connect by theme and correspond the purpose of the section.
8.6 It’s prohibited to use pseudographics, and separate letters (for example: “O F F E R!**”)
8.7 Price shown in the advertisement must correspond reality.
8.8 If a proposal is provided in sets, the cost should be specified for one set.
8.9 Contact information must be provided only in the corresponding field, in compliance with the template in the provision form. Contact information includes: phone number, email address, skype. 
8.10 Email address provided in advertisements must be hidden if user name (text before @) contains the name of the website.
8.11 Pictures must not contain contact information, third-party watermarks and links to websites.
8.12 Pictures must not use drawing attention motivating words, such as “Urgent”, “Attention”, “Special Offer”, “Bargain Sale”, etc.
8.13 Pictures must not contain unpleasant or shocking parts.
8.14 Links to third-party websites must be shown correctly – without spaces, transliterations or other intentional distortions. Any other forms of website mentioning in the text, comments and messages are prohibited. Link may be provided in the advertisement only before the post.
8.15 Advertisement must be removed if the proposal or service has lost their relevance.
8.16 It’s prohibited to post advertisements, purpose of which is to discuss some specific situation.
8.17 Posting advertisements violating local legislature is prohibited.
8.18 It’s prohibited to post advertisements with advertising of third-party resources.
8.19 It’s prohibited to post advertisements with erotic, pornographic content, and promoting private services.
8.20 All commercial advertisements shall be conscientious and authentic.
8.21 Unauthorized registration of several accounts by one User is prohibited. During the registration procedure, provided contact details about account owner must correspond reality. Account used for posting advertisements from legal entity must be registered as legal entity, but not as a head or other individual. If an advertising post or access to the Web-resource is denied, all claims to Administration are possible from a person (individual or legal entity), whose name was used to register the account. Violation of the account registration rules for posting advertisements from legal entities, or posting unreliable and (or) unconscionable commercial advertisements leads to cessation of access to the Web-resource by legal entity (account blocking).
8.22 It’s prohibited to post advertisements containing forbidden information about a proposal and (or) service from: “list of proposal and services prohibited for posting”, and “main reasons for advertisement blocking”.
8.23 User login must not contain specific data: phone number, icq, email, website, etc.
8.24 If contact data contains skype name, then it shouldn’t include the name of the website.
8.25 Each section has the rule: “One advertisement – one proposal”, i.e. each proposal means one specific item/service with specific set of characteristics (color, size, etc.) at one price.
8.26 It’s prohibited to mail out commercial and other type advertisements or other messages (information) to individuals, who didn’t want to receive them.
9.1 All messages, notifications, and mailout campaigns from Administration intended for public access by all Users get posted on the Website or sent as a template letter to emails provided during the Registration procedure by Users. All individual messages get sent to emails provided during the Registration procedure by Users, they don’t get public and are unavailable for other Users of the Website.
9.2 User messages intended for Administration get sent with the help of this contact form “contact administration”. Administration is not responsible for failures during message sending, undelivered, or duplicated messages from third-party sources.
9.3 User, by agreeing to receive Messages from Administration, confirms that he is fully aware of the fact that they can be of obviously commercial type, contain calls to action and links to the Website.
9.4 Additionally, Administration doesn’t bear responsibility if contact information posted publically by user on the Website are used by other Users or programs.
10.1 Administration shall not be recognized as a tax agent or mediator between lessor and lessee, but they only provide a platform for Advertisements with Proposals posted by Users.
10.2 Administration reserves the right to moderate Advertisements posted by Users, but doesn’t check authenticity of the provided information. All responsibility for information authenticity is laid upon User, who has posted the Advertisement. Hence, Administration doesn’t guarantee safety, legitimacy, and quality of the Proposal/Service described in the Advertisement.
10.3 User is obliged at his own discretion to provide and check legitimacy of the information sent to Lessor and bear responsibility if the sale takes place and if it’s cancelled by Lessor.
10.4 Administration doesn’t perform actions focused on using Data provided by User for their benefit, doesn’t store Data removed from the Website by User and doesn’t bear responsibility for their loss.
10.5 Administration doesn’t deal with gathering data about Users and doesn’t seek for connecting Accounts with real people. If there is a reference to the Website as a source of information about User, all questions should be settled in court by juridical procedure. 
10.6 All information posted by User on the Website is considered to be posted in User’s own interests and can’t be compensated by Administration.
10.7 By posting confidential information about oneself, User agrees with the terms that information provided on the Website for public access will be available for all Website User, and therefore is obliged not to make claims to Administration if such information is used against User, who has provide it on the Website at his own discretion.
10.8 Administration doesn’t modify information that has been transferred to other User by means of private messages and other ways of communication, except for public posting on the Website, and isn’t responsible for its credibility, legality, and offensiveness towards recipient.
10.9 All claims between Website Users are settled at judicial instances in accordance with established procedure. Administration doesn’t participate in readings and doesn’t provide documentary evidence on the case.
10.10 Expenses, fees for legal proceedings and other compensations will NOT be refunded by Administration.
10.11 All claims regarding services and other matters to Administration are accepted only if they’re submitted in compliance with the law.
10.12 Administration doesn’t guarantee constant uninterrupted access to the Website and Website Services. Ability to use Website Services is provided without guarantees in all the ways possible by means of
11.1 This User Agreement comes into effect after User goes through the Registration procedure on the Website and receives User’s Credentials in the Website System and continues to be effective on a permanent basis.
11.2 User has the right to refuse using Website Services by means removing own Account from the Website.
11.3 Administration reserves the right to restrict access to the Website Services for any User, violating this User Agreement, at their own discretion. User, whose access to Website Services is cancelled, doesn’t have the right to go through recurring registration on the Website without permission of the Administration.
121.1 Administration reserves the right to fully or partially transfer rights and obligations in compliance with this User Agreement, as it’s set between Administration and User, to third parties. If transfer takes place, Administration is obliged to notify User, who was the owner of rights and obligations, about it, in compliance with this User Agreement, by means of posting corresponding information in the special section of the Website.
12.2 In case of transfer of rights and obligations, in compliance with this User Agreement, to third parties, and denial to accept new rules by third parties, User has the right to refuse Website Services by removing his Account.
12.3 Website User may not fully or partially transfer his rights to third parties.
13.1 Administration reserves the right to unilaterally change this User Agreement without notifying any single User, if it’s required by conditions of Website function, or for any other reasons, and in regards with the Regulation statements change.
13.2 Notification about new User Agreement updates is performed automatically within 24 hours and becomes effective from the moment it’s been posted on the Website.
13.3 New User Agreement has retroactive force and becomes effective from the moment it’s been posted on the Website in regards with all Users and their actions performed on the Website, irrespective of the fact when these actions took place.
14.1 If any disputable situation occurs between parties, in compliance with this User Agreement, or if any other questions arise that can’t be compromised, all shall be settled in court by juridical procedure in accordance with the established procedure.